Corrugated Pallet

Corrugated pallets, also known as paper pallets, are pallets made from paper board sheets, corrugated material, and other reinforced paper goods, rather than wood.

Over the years, packaging companies had to overcome challenges like high moisture environments, multiple-touch transportation, increasingly heavier loads, changing machinery, and the cost to develop, test, and distribute better pallets.

Features of Honeycomb / Paper Pallets

  • Highly preferred for Air Shipments due to the High Strength to Weight Ratio.
  • Equipped with Water Resistant Coating making it suitable for Sea-Shipments too.
  • Approved design by all Countries over the Globe. As per the norms few countries avoid shipment with polythene, PU Foam, wood, and metal components in packaging material. For those countries, Paper Pallets are the best option to ship with.
  • Greater Stability with robust design during shipment.
  • Designed as per EURO Standards;
    Additional support at Forklift spaces, 4 Way Lifting possible.

Advantages of Honeycomb / Paper Pallets

  • Paper honeycomb pallets are solid yet lightweight, extremely durable design.
  • Nails-free and can bear up to 1,200 kg of loading weight.
  • Paper honeycomb pallets eliminate the hassles of import and export restrictions Encountered with wooden pallets. As such, they are an efficient, economical, effective, and Environmental-friendly substitute for wooden and plastic pallets.
  • Being free from harmful vermin, these pallets don’t require chemical or heat treatment.
  • Paper honeycomb pallets can be customized to meet the demands of the products to be loaded.
  • Special offers for Packaging Industries.


  • Suitable for Distributed Loads only.
  • In the case of Sea-Shipment WP Coated Pallet in recommended Corrugated Pallets are Safe.