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What is the Significance of Compression Strength in Packaging| Packaging Boxes Manufacturer| Calculate Compression Strength of Boxes

The quality of packaging material is highly dependent on its compression strength. To ensure that the product is adaptable for extreme working conditions, the following quality tests can be conducted.

  • Compressive Strength Test
  • Tensile Strength Test
  • Humidity Test
  • Bursting Strength Test


Out of all of the above tests, the compressive strength test is important to understand the quality packaging box. To calculate the compressive strength, one needs a box compression tester. It is a standardized instrument that is capable of doing the job. It has a digital control box attached to it, pneumatic rods to move the compression plate up and down. A preset load is applied to the box for a specific period. It determines the strength of the box and its capability to withstand pressure.


The reason to conduct a compression strength test is that packaging boxes are generally stacked on one another during transportation. It is important to understand their load-bearing capacity before it collapses, which is not something anyone would want. Also, the packaging box should not get deformed due to excess pressure. Hence, this test estimates the intended load-bearing for the intended time.


Sometimes due to the large dimensions of the packaging box, minute deformations do not matter, the content remains protected thanks to enough margin and protective wrapping inside.


There are two distinct ways of measuring the compression strength:

  • The Ring Crush Test (RCT) – Test results are based on weight because of the long span of length.
  • Short-span Compression Test (SCT) – The material quality can be determined using the SCT and is used more often than any other conventional means of compression strength testing.

Both tests measure the compression strength and the quality of the fluting lining of the packaging box. However, they have no relation with each other. Below are the formulae of the same:


RCT CD = 120 X SCT CD – 97 or approximately

RCT CD = 95 X SCT CD (N)


The equation must be based upon the agreement of both parties and their paper machine. There are specific sites that can easily calculate the compression strength of your material. You can opt for any of those to understand what works best for you. In any case, never compromise on the compression strength of the packaging material as it would cost you more than you can think of.

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