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Corrugated box manufacturing

Why corrugated Boxes over plastic packaging?

It has become almost impossible to imagine what our lives will be like without the many benefits of packaging. Yet as our global population grows in size and affluence, our collective demand for packaging materials will increase drastically.

We need packaging to store and transport our products, to protect valuable goods, pass information to consumers and to preserve our food. The primary function of packaging, both in terms of functionality and sustainability, is to protect the product. However, energy and material consumption are raising giving rise to the need for packaging in the industry. This means that products and their packaging are designed from a systems perspective in order to meet demands of consumers.

Packaging is not only about designs; it is also about business models or business opportunities. If a large percentage of your products are damaged or spoiled due to poorly designed packaging, it will cause great negative impact on your products.

For the designer it is important toknow how and why you are designer a product before designing. So, you always have to check first: Can i make a product last longer? There are situations where you need to design products with short lifetime, and that is inevitable, so you have to make a design which fits that situation. For example: food you just eat and then it is gone so you cannot use it for a very long period. Same for the packaging around it: you will know upfront that it will only be used for a short period, so you have to design the packaging to fit that way.

The first design strategy we call Rethink and that’s about asking yourself the question:

Why are we doing this?

Why do we use this packaging?

Asking yourself the question might lead to new solutions for your packaging system.

The second one is Reuse and that is making packaging reusable.

The third one is Recycling.

The last one is called Renew and that is about using bio based content like paper, carton, bio plastics and natural fibers.

When to apply which strategy always depends on the product and client which is an important factor. It actually depends on a lot of different factors which is also a nice challenge for the designer.


Packaging is essential in our daily lives. Every day we take products out of their various package. From the smallest sized biscuit to the largest sized Tv screen almost everything comes packed. The following are the reason why we must package our products viz:

1. Protection

Protection of goods helps to prevent damages while the goods are on transit.You want your customer to get home with or receive their products at home, undamaged and in great condition. The items must be packed in a tight container or seal and they should be able to take a withstand little pressure. The package must be tuned to the contents.

2. Keeping fresh

Keeping your product fresh or tenable (longer), can be done in many ways now a days. Shrink film, cooling packaging, oxygen free packaging, possibilities keep growing. Handing your customer their fresh fish in a cooler bag is a great packaging initiative. Most fresh foods or perishables need to be kept in places that can preserve them for days or weeks before it gets to the final consumer.

3. Service

Even though people are used to it, offering a good package to your customer is a sign of good service. Whether you give your packaging away for free of you sell them, your customers expects to be offered an option to take their purchased items home.

4. Image

Your packaging is an extension of your overall image. A tailor-made suit handed over in a plastic bag, it’s possible, but people might frown on that. When your image is one of luxury or maybe innovation, you can show this in your packaging in many great ways. Is your image one of low prices, an economical priced bag is a better fit to your image.

5. Publicity

By personalizing your packages, for example place your logo on it, your brand is much more visible in the streets. It’s a type of “free” advertisement when people, for instance, carry your bag around. Especially when you have a complex logo sign it’s advisable to create a positive recognition of your logo and brand.

6. It Differentiates Your Brand from Others

There are thousands of products on the market vying for your customers’ attention. According to The Paper Worker, one-third of a consumer’s decision making is based solely on product packaging. To succeed, your brand packaging has to stand out and look different from your competitors. What is that unique feature that your brand has that differentiates it from the others. One of this uniqueness is your method of packaging. The way your package your product gives your brand a singularity over the others. Always package uniquely.

7. Product Packaging Is a Marketing Tool

Your product’s packaging can be a helpful marketing tool through in-store advertising. Branded products are easily recognized, so designing packaging with your logo front and center helps consumers remember your product next time they are shopping. Consider Your product’s packaging can be a helpful marketing tool through in-store advertising. Consider what your packaging is saying about your product and your brand. Is it good? Can it be better? It’s also wise to think about what messages your product’s packaging is conveying to shoppers and consumers. and your brand. Is it good? Can it be better? It’s also wise to think about what messages your product’s packaging is conveying to shoppers and consumers.

In addition, packaging our products has the following benefits:

  • Enhances the look , appeal and feel of your product and also grab attention
  • Makes your product more secure & safe for consumers
  • Improves shelf life of your product, keeps product fresh & Maintains your product quality
  • Helps in advertising about the product:5)Improves your overall product value thus leading to higher sales and profit for you
  • To Provide Customer Satisfaction With strong customer oriented approach, we as packaging consultant,have been successful in not just meeting but exceeding all the expectations of our customers.


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